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44: How We’re Successful As A Couple

August 19, 2019
One of the questions we get ALL THE TIME is "how do you continue to work together, be successful, and not hate each other??" 

Honestly, it takes work.  It's easier to "let things go" that will later bubble up into resentment than to have the hard conversation right away.  It's easier to sit around and watch TV than to spend time together day-in-and-day-out working on your relationship or towards a shared goal.  It's easier to just do parenting your way and expect your partner to jump on-board than to have some of those harder conversations up-front.

But- we've committed to not only having a good life together, but to having an extraordinary life together.  In this episode, we give your our 4 tips to ensure that you are successful as a couple. 

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