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82: Black Voices Amplified - No Filter

June 12, 2020

This is the no-holds-barred episode. No filter, just real answers. Better grab a drink and settle in.

"You love Black culture, Black innovation, and Black music, but you hate the thought of us fighting for our liberation from oppression because it makes you uncomfortable. So all I ask is for you (white people/fake allies/non-Black folks who bear witness without intervention) is to saying you care about Black people when all of your actions say otherwise. Just clear the air and say you love what we create but you hate us."

"...Recognize your privilege because it is powerful. Acknowledge that white supremacy and patriarchy is baked into our social structure and it causes harm to people of color on every continent. I would ask them to see my humanity before my skin color. Then I would ask, what are you fully committed to do to change a society that has always benefited you?"

"Don't give me any platitudes about your embrace of diversity and inclusion when your administration, your cabinet, and leadership fails to have someone that looks like me. You allow Black and Brown people to leave in droves, but make ways for White colleagues to realize promotions. Until there is change, real change, in hiring and promotion, and salary equity, there will never be real embrace of diversity and you will never realize inclusion."

This week, we reached out to black family, friends, and colleagues so that we could tell their stories.  In part 3, we amplify Black voices with no filter in the wake of the widely-broadcast murder of George Floyd as well as Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. 

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Scene on Radio, Seeing White:

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