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108: Authentic Leadership (with Dr. Calvin Williams)

January 31, 2021
Dr. Calvin Williams talks to us about his career journey:  from being a community college fail-out to doing tours in the military to becoming a doctor, he embodies the term "perseverance."  We didn't want the conversation to stop!  He discusses authentic leadership, how to lead well remotely, navigating generational differences in the workplace, and how writing blog posts has been healing for racial trauma.
Dr. Williams is a blogger, consultant, inspirational speaker, and Authentic Leadership advocate with a background in university Career Services. Dr. Williams has expertise in Authentic Leadership, staff development, event planning, policy development and facilitation. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Master of Arts in Counseling/Human Relations, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

Dr. William's Social/Media: @l_calvinwilliams (Instagram) 

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