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103: I Quit: A Couple’s Journey To Entrepreneurship (w/ Matteo & Julie Ferrer)

November 16, 2020
Matteo and Julie Ferrer are the ultimate power couple... no, really.  Matteo's groundbreaking men's dress shirt design led him to say goodbye to corporate and political life and start his own men's dress shirt company, VERSATTIRE (versatile + attire).  Matteo and Julie, mere months prior to their wedding, were informed by the Discovery Channel that VERSATTIRE would be featured as one of six businesses competing for seed funding on the series premier of Discovery Channel's I Quit.  The couple jumped at the chance and even let Discovery Channel film crews into their wedding! 
Julie is also a self-made entrepreneur in the fashion industry.  With hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and fashion designs that have been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, and Elle magazine, Julie decided in early 2020 that it was time to open her own business.  LOVE BOMSHEL is a lounge wear company with beautiful and comfortable designs.  However, Julie saw a need almost immediately at the beginning of 2020 and pivoted her business to design stylish face masks.  For every sale of a face mask, she donated a face mask to local and national hospitals in need.  Since March 2020, LOVE BOMSHEL has donated over 3,000 masks to the healthcare community. 
Matteo and Julie come on the show to discuss how they met, their entrepreneurial journeys, how they work together effectively, how they adapt to ensure their businesses are successful in all circumstances, and more!  You don't want to miss this episode with this fun couple! 
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